3 Calming And Beautiful Paint Styles For Your Bedroom

The choice of paint colour is important in any room of the home. It's particularly important in the bedroom, which is a haven and an escape at the end of a long and busy day. If your bedroom is looking and feeling a little bit tired and uninviting, then a fresh coat of paint can transform it from dull and dingy to warm and welcoming in no time at all. [Read More]

Tips to help you choose the right paint for your home

If you're a home owner who wants to change the color of the interior or a realtor who wants to put a house up for sale and wants to give the rooms a breath of fresh air, it can be somewhat difficult to pick a paint that is not only of good quality, but also coordinates in color from room to room and from interior to exterior. This process is made more difficult by the availability of a wide variety of sheens, colors and qualities in the market. [Read More]

2 Hot Paint Trends That Will Transform The Interior Of Your Home

Repainting the interior of your home is the fastest, easiest and most dramatic way you can update your decor. Like all aspects of interior design, interior paint has its changing trends, and this year is all about strong, bold and decadent colours. This is in stark contrast to the prevailing trend of pale, neutral and soft colours that have been in vogue for the last few years. Opting for darker and richer colours is not for the faint hearted. [Read More]

Residential Painting Rules You Should Never Break

If you decide to manage your own residential painting, either interior or exterior, you may be tempted to cut some corners so you can get the job done more quickly and more affordably. However, there are some painting rules you never want to break, if you want the paint to look its best and to last as long as possible. Note a few of those rules here, and consider hiring a pro if you realize this work is actually outside your area of expertise. [Read More]