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3 Stunning Interior Paint Trends To Consider For Your Home

Repainting the interior of your home is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to update its look. A fresh colour palette can transform a room and make it instantly appear more modern and appealing. You may be planning to have your home repainted because you intend to put it on the market, or you may just want a fresh, new look. Whichever scenario is the case, here are three stunning interior paint colour trends that you should consider for your home.

1. Nature-inspired greens

Greens are huge in interior design right now, and they are a great colour to help create a calming and soothing space. Choose a soft, mid-tone green that reflects the colours of the trees around your home to unify the inside of your home with your outdoor living spaces.

Greens pair best will other nature-based tones when you want to maintain a harmonious and earthy feel. A combination of muted terracottas, reds, blues and yellows will all work beautifully with green and let you add colour that isn't garish or overpowering.

2. Rich gemstone hues

Shades that are inspired by gemstones are another big colour trend for interiors at the moment. Deep, rich hues such as emerald, ruby, topaz and sapphire are a way to add some luxury and old-fashioned style to a room. Opt for paint that has a slightly luminous finish to enhance the gem-like tone of the paint.

These colours are fairly intense, and many people prefer to use them in the bedroom or living room to create a moody feel. However, they can also work really well in other rooms if you're feeling brave. A single feature wall in a kitchen, dining room or bathroom is a great middle ground when you love the idea but aren't willing to go wall-to-wall with the colour.

3. Nordic-style neutrals

The minimalist look is an enduringly popular one, and Nordic-style neutrals are a great way to embrace this style in your home. Pale greys, blues and beiges can be teamed together so that your room looks light and bright but still has enough colour variation to maintain visual interest.

Nordic neutrals are a safe bet if you're planning to sell your home because they have broad appeal among potential buyers. They're also a great choice if you have a small home or you lack an abundance of natural light. If you find the look a little too stark, you can brighten it up with some brightly coloured and decorative fabrics, furniture or ornaments.

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