Choosing a wallpaper accent for our new bedroom

3 Calming And Beautiful Paint Styles For Your Bedroom

The choice of paint colour is important in any room of the home. It's particularly important in the bedroom, which is a haven and an escape at the end of a long and busy day. If your bedroom is looking and feeling a little bit tired and uninviting, then a fresh coat of paint can transform it from dull and dingy to warm and welcoming in no time at all.

If it's been a while since you painted your home, then you may be wondering what the current paint trends are for bedroom decor. Here are three new trends which are set to become highly popular over the coming months that you might like to consider for your new-look bedroom.

1. Soft naturals

If you'd like to create a naturally calming and relaxing space in your bedroom, then a paint colour that echoes the harmony of the natural world is perfect. There are a number of different paint styles that can help you to achieve this, including warm terracotta, soft brown, patinated metallics and muted greens. These colours look great on their own, or you can team them up for a creative and unique finish.

2. Moody darks

If you'd like to create a cocoon-like effect in your bedroom that is great for deep, restful slumber, then going wall to wall in a rich, dark tone is a great option. Deep blues, dark greys and matte blacks will all add a sense of drama and security in your sleeping space. These darker colours can be offset by adding flourishes of soft colour, such as pale green, dusty rose or duck egg blue as accent colours.

3. Simple neutrals

If you like the idea of a pared-back, minimalist feel to your bedroom, then sticking to warm but simple neutrals is a fantastic look. They allow you to create a room that's free from distraction and has a quiet and classic sense of calm. Alabaster, dove grey and rich cream are all great colour choices for this look and will give you a minimalist look without making the room feel cold or clinical.

Like any home improvement project, painting the interior of your home is a job that should be done by an experienced professional. A qualified interior house painting contractor will expertly apply the paint and ensure that the right preparation work is completed first, which is crucial for creating an immaculate and beautiful finish.