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2 Hot Paint Trends That Will Transform The Interior Of Your Home

Repainting the interior of your home is the fastest, easiest and most dramatic way you can update your decor. Like all aspects of interior design, interior paint has its changing trends, and this year is all about strong, bold and decadent colours. This is in stark contrast to the prevailing trend of pale, neutral and soft colours that have been in vogue for the last few years.

Opting for darker and richer colours is not for the faint hearted. It's a commitment to modern style that you may feel nervous about. However, darker colours don't need to be dull and you can still create a warm and airy feel with the right choices of hues. Here are two stunning paint colours that are on trend right now that you might like to consider in your home.

1. Deep turquoise

Turquoise is a colour that never really goes out of fashion. In recent years, soft, pastel turquoises have been heavily utilised, but this year, darker and richer versions of the colour will dominate. The moodier and more exotic tones of deep turquoise will create an opulent mood when used in your living room or bedroom.

Deep turquoise is a great choice if you're hoping to create a Moroccan look in your home. The colour looks incredible when teamed with colourful printed florals and textural fabrics. Deep turquoise is also a perfect match with natural timber furniture and fittings.

2. Dark plum

If you thought that using a shade of purple was something you willingly abandoned after your teenage years, then think again. This year, dark plum has brought purple back into fashion in a big way. This shade is more subtle than the lurid purples of the 80s and gives you a subtle plum hue that is refined and beautiful.

Dark plum looks incredible when teamed with lighter shades that complement the purple hues. Gold and brass features will provide you with a regal and timeless look, while rich creams and soft oranges give you a slightly more sedate and contemporary feel to your room.

Updating your home's interior and creating a fresh and modern look is easy with the right choice in paint colour. To ensure that you get a professional and immaculate finish, make sure that you employ the services of an experienced local painting contractor to apply your stunning new colours to your home's interior walls. For more information, contact a residential house painter.