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3 Nifty Ploys To Make Your Baby Shop Pop With The Right Paint Colours

Running a baby shop successfully can be daunting with the explosion of online sellers threatening offline channels. You will need to do everything possible to combat this increased competition if you want new parents to flock to your store. The idea of physically touching products is still vital to some people, so your goal should be to enhance their experience by making your baby shop pop with the right paint colours.

Create A Baby Boy And Girl Space For Different Age Groups With Paint

Many baby shop owners choose blues and pinks because these are traditionally colours for children. The idea is great, but they fail to realise how important segregation by age group can be to the buying experience. You can segregate ages by newborns, toddlers and older kids on one wall for boys and on the opposite wall for girls. Each section can be painted in different shades of blue or pink. For example, the newborn boy section can be painted light blue, the toddler boy section can be painted in a darker blue shade and the older boy section can be painted in another blue shade. Follow the same pattern for the girls' wall. This is a great way to demarcate space so you don't end up cluttering and mixing your merchandise. It also directs parents and shoppers to the right sections without causing confusion. 

Avoid Going Too Loud With Wall Paint Colours

Many baby shop owners make the mistake of assuming that loud colours attract customers. While this may be true of stores for cars and video games, you must know your industry well. Parents want a soothing experience when shopping for kids, so your wall paint must reflect this need. Ultimately, your goal is to make the clothes and toys stand out; so let the wall colours remain part of your store's subtle background. Stick with pastel colours like blues, pinks, creams and beiges to produce gentle baby store appeal.

Shades Of White Are Always Right For Space-Crunched Stores

When in doubt, stick with white. You can never go wrong with different shades of white for a baby store because of its understated and minimalistic appeal. This is a great idea for baby shop owners who have limited space because white walls with ample lights can inject the impression of depth. Choose from shades like ivory, eggshell, off-white, cream, shell-white and lime-white. You can even punctuate the walls with blue and pink accents based on your interior design ideas.

Contact a business that offers commercial painting services so you can be sure your store looks its best.