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Three Services Commercial Painting Contractors Can Do for Your Business

When you think about the renovations and remodeling options for your business, you may go to the idea of general contractors or decorators. What you may not consider are commercial painting contractors. In fact, unless you are repainting the option of using this type of professional commercial contractor may not even come up. The truth is, this type of commercial contractor offers more than just standard painting. Here are three of the services they offer and how each may help your business remodeling.


There are some areas of your business that may need waterproofing if they will be repainted. For example, you may have basement storage areas or outdoor decks that have come due for their waterproofing and sealing. Commercial painting contractors can handle this for you. They can even do multiple areas at once if they have larger crews. This means that you can have all your waterproofing for the building handled in a smaller amount of time, which lets you get to the painting or wallpaper step quicker.


If your business currently has wallpaper, and you are looking to have it removed, a commercial painting contractor can help with the entire process. They can remove most wallpaper with steam, clean the area, prepare it for new wallpaper, and hang the wallpaper for you. In some cases, some painting contractors can do this over the course of a weekend or a few days. They can also work with you to go floor by floor or room by room depending on your needs. If you are concerned about toxic chemicals, some contractors can even offer ventilation options during the process or can use non-harmful green options as well.

Powder Coating

If you have a lot of metal areas in your building, you may want to consider having new powder coating put on those areas. This will give the metal a finished look and can help if you are having issues with slips and falls due to slippery metal handles, bars, and beams. The commercial contractor can come in, sand blast the areas to clean them, remove the dust or debris, and then cover the area in a powder coating of your choice. Remember, powder coating is no longer limited to grey or black. You can now choose from a variety of colours that work with your colour scheme or theme.

These are only three of the services that a professional commercial painting contractor can provide. If you are ready to move forward, consider scheduling a consultation with your local contractor for pricing and estimates.